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Cost of Adoption
The cost of adoption depends in large part on the type of adoption you are seeking.

Private Adoption

The only cost for step-parent adoption, kinship adoption, private adoption w/o agency assistance, and “re-adoption” should be the legal expenses detailed below.


The cost of a private/independent adoption through an agency varies widely.


CPS Adoption


The primary cost of adopting through the foster system will also be legal expenses. However, you should also expect to spend approximately $150 per adult (for CPR/First Aid Certification, TB test & physical, FBI fingerprinting, and books) and $25-$40 per child (TB test).


CPS will cover up to $1,200 of your legal expenses when you adopt a “special needs” child through the foster system! They will also provide continued financial assistance after the adoption, as well as free tuition to a state college, for these children.


To qualify as "special needs," the child must be in CPS custody and (one of the following):

  • at least 6 years old;

  • at least 2 years old and a minority;

  • adopted as part of a sibling group or joining sibling in adoptive home;

  • have a physical, mental, or emotional disabling condition; or

  • be eligible to receive SSI benefits


Note: The Hudgeons Law Firm is contracted to bill CPS directly so you can adopt a "special needs" child with no out-of-pocket legal expenses!

Legal Expenses

The expenses below are approximations meant to assist you in financial planning.

  • Attorney's Fees (preparation of legal documents, court appearances, etc.)

    • Adoption  $1,500*

    • Termination  $1,500*

    • Adoption & Termination (in combined suit)  $2,750*

    • Re-adoption (after International Adoption) $1,000*

    • ICPC Birth Parent Representation $1,500

    • ICPC Adoption $7,500

  • Filing Fees (varies per county)  $400

  • Home Study (private adoption only)  $750 - $1,500

  • Criminal History Search (for each person in home over 16)  $40 each

  • Ad Litem (private adoption only; varies per attorney and county)  $300 - $1,000

  • New Birth Certificate  $110

* Subtract $250 for Hunt County; Add $500 for Dallas County

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